Inside The Invisible

Video | FLIGHTGRAF / Kento Tomiyoshi(Video) Makoto Shozu (Audio)
| BOREALIS a festival of light 2018 in Seattle
3D effect designer
: Ryo Chigira(SIGNIF)
Event producer : Maxin 10sity

Wherever something moves, there generates a stream.  Some streams are visible like those of water and sand, and others are invisible but felt on your skin and in your consciousness like those of air or time.  In this art work we would like to highlight the region of those invisible and want you to experience the virtual world of the sensed invisibility.  Though spread on the map projected, it goes beyond the realm of “seeing” and “hearing”.  We are aiming at invoking the coarsened senses of the audience alive again.  This innocent search will provide an experience of having a glimpse of a streaming corner of the world or reminiscing about the forgotten trolls of their dreams.